Getting Ready To Build Pig Farms In Uganda Africa

I leave for Uganda Africa on August 10th for 39 days! The plan is to build at least one pig farm. The last time I was in Africa my friend Jack and I looked at what kind of business we could start in Uganda that would actually make money.

Uganda Africa - Stores Copied On The Same Street

Most businesses in Africa are copied and what I mean by that is when a person opens a shop to sell paper within a few month that shop will be surrounded by at least 10 of the same exact stores! Talk about killing a market! That would really tick me off if I started a business and then had a ton of copycats, but I guess that is how business is. Just look at the thousands of ‘make money’ blogs on the net today! Everyone thinks they can make money just by having a blog, its not true.

What I learned in Africa is that you MUST have a unique idea and plan to succeed. After looking at everything from paper and ink to iPods and iPhones, we ended up finding that a piggery would do really well in Africa. While I was there in September 2008 we bought 9 pigs (6 females and 3 males) for about $15/each pig. When a pig is fat and ready to be sold to the market, they can go from anywhere between 250,000 Shillings to 400,000 shillings. At today’s exchange rate of a Shilling to US dollar it would be $119-190 US dollars.

Africa September 2008 341s

While I was there in 2008 I was emailing a guy named Clark Covington who has his own online business helping other businesses. I told him what I was doing in Africa and what the plan was with building a pig farm. He told me he would love to help and within a day he sent me $300 US dollars which looks like a ton of money in Uganda. ($300 in Uganda is what an average person will make in a month).

Most Africans cannot afford to raise more than one pig so the competition is fairly light in Uganda for raising pigs. A man named Jacob who lives with his wife and children about 1 hour outside of Kampala Uganda started with a few pigs two years ago and when I saw them last, they had 48 pigs. They have a large covered pig pen with about 15 different stalls. The only problem they have with their pigs is the lack of food. Since Jacob lives so far away from most of the population, they have to feed the pigs scraps, any left over food and plants that are growing around the house. To buy


food is a struggle for them, since they are already living off the land, but if you had the money you could go into town and buy bags of bran or pig food. Most of his pigs where way under weight, malnourished and needed to be fed more. Pigs not only are one of the most popular foods in Uganda but they are easy to raise and feed, if you have the money. Pigs also reproduce at outstanding rates as a large female pig can give birth to 8-12 pigs at a time.

The Plan for August 2009

The plan for this trip is to transplant the original 8 pigs (1 killed itself) and their babies to a much larger pig farm. Right now they are in little houses built two feet off the ground. We are renting land at $6 each house per month and now have access to land where we can build a farm at any size we wish.


The picture above is from September 2008, so these pigs are much bigger now and are all pregnant.

These are the houses we had built for the pigs so that by the time we came back this year they would have enough room with all of the piglets.


We need enough funds to build a pig farm that can support between 150 to 200 pigs at a time. I have a friend named Vincent who has been coming to the US for the past three years and has stayed with us each time he comes. His family owns 40 acres just outside the capital, Kampala and has said that we could use 10 acres to build whatever we want. This land will be our starting point for building the pig farm and the funds from this farm will help support more to come.

Where Will The Money Go?

The purpose of these pig farms is to help build and finish orphanage villages that are being constructed today throughout Uganda. World Out Reach Ministries is a Non Profit organization that has been in Uganda for over 20 years building schools, churches and taking care of orphaned children and widows throughout Uganda. Today there are many obstacles in finishing projects that have been started for years. When I was in Uganda in August 2006 one of the orphan villages was being constructed and three buildings were finished. Going back in September 2008 they had a total of 12 buildings finished but no one was living in the completed houses. Right now only 490 children are sponsored and have homes. Children who would otherwise have no place to live, no family, nowhere to go, no hope, no job, no homes and no family.

I felt called in September 2008 to start building businesses in Uganda that will support the cause over there without having to rely upon the support of outsiders. People in America and the UK are the biggest supporters of what is going on in Uganda today, but in the near future I would like to see that the majority of support is coming from their own nation and to one day make everything self reliant on the businesses that we build today.

By starting today we can help change a nation and help them become reliant on themselves and not other peoples and nations.

What we need and what we expect in the next 365 days.

  • $3,000 – $6,000 to start 1 or 2 pig farms within 1 hour of Kampala
  • After building the first pig farm we will buy up to 50 pigs. (Each farm will hold 150-200 pigs)
  • Buy enough food to feed 50 pigs for 3 months (1 Bag of food cost about $20)
    Bags Of Pig Food
  • Pay a doctor to vaccinate each pig to keep them healthy. (Medicine Cost about $2/pig)
  • Pay 3 people 50,000 Shillings/month to tend to the pigs. (Cost About $75/month)
  • Plant a crop next to the pig farm to help feed the pigs.
  • After the first pigs are born, sell a few to start a cash flow to buy more supplies, feed the pigs, pay the workers and doctor.
  • Once the pigs have reproduced twice we should have enough funds to build 1-2 more farms, buy land and keep the process going.
  • The end goal is to support the Orphanage Villages and Baby House to take care of babies with no parents.

If you ever wish to support what I will be doing in Uganda, please contact me and I will get you details on how you can support us! All donations will be 100% tax deductible. Thanks!

More Updates To Come!

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