Income Report July 2009 For Tattoo Site

July ended with a huge bang! The entire month of July the tattoo site did its best ever. Even though the site is almost three years old its never done this well. Not only did it beat any of its traffic records but also its income records from any other month.

I could go back and figure out a month by month stat, but that would take way to long. Instead I am just going to focus on each month from now on.

Here is what took place in July.

  • I changed all of the ‘first link priority’ on every page to point to the home page of the site for the top level keyword.
  • I found three really good link partners who helped the site gain a page rank of 3 from a 1.
  • I added about 15 new pages and linked to each page.
  • The sites traffic ended the month with 114,457 unique visitors, which is almost 48k more than any other month!
  • Clickbank created $262.91 in profits
  • Adsense created $578.64 in profits

Total Site Income: $841.55

I also started another tattoo blog which I plan on it being more profitable than this site. The blog has huge potential and will create repeat visitors, which is something my ‘adsense’ tattoo site lacks. No one really wants to go to that site everyday, mostly because there isn’t any new information on it.

adsense july 2009

Creating an adsense site is actually very easy, it just takes time, money and effort. You need to find something you love to talk about, something you are passionate about, otherwise you will never keep up with it. Once you have created the site, it takes alot of work to get links, create good titles, find linking partners, and then keeping the site updated. After a long time the site can run itself or you can hire someone to manage it, but it will take you to get it to that place.

clickbank july 2009

Now mind you that this niche is a very huge niche but has very little money in it. If you found a niche that was much smaller but had a lot of money in it, you could do way better than this tattoo site. I know a guy who owns a blog who only talks about banking information, rates, cd rates, interest rates, credit cards and makes about $1,200 each month from it, AND he only gets about 500 visitors/day to his site.

How do you find out if a ‘search phrase’ has money in it?

The first step is to use a keyword research tool such as the one at wordtracker to find how many people are searching for what you are interested in.

Then you search your keywords on google to see how many ads are showing. How many sponsored links are there? If there are only a few, then you probably won’t make too much money from adsense but if there are many ads then your chances are good.

Start right now, start writing down every idea you have and see what you can find on wordtracker and search google for ideas. This is the first step.

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  1. Lindsey Says:

    Okay, so I checked out the Wordtracker and found the top words for my niche. Now what do I do? How do I translate that to higher traffic?


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