Tattoo Site Makes 101 dollars In One Day!

Since the middle of last month my tattoo site has been killing it with traffic, up over 45k visitors. I think I’m going to just let it ride now and see how long it will make money. The last time I made some major updates I let it go for 9 months before I did anything else to it and it kept making a consistent amount of money every month. It turns into a cash machine with very little maintenance involved. I pay about $10 each month for hosting and that is all.

Why would I let it go?

Well right now I am getting ready to leave for Africa for about 40 days so I really don’t have the time to add more pages and I am creating a new tattoo blog site to create another income stream. I want to be diverse in where I get money, which tattoos I don’t think will be going anywhere any time soon. The tattoo market can only get bigger and better as more and more people want their own tattoo.

Future plans?

When I get back from Africa I plan on adding more pages to the site, currently its only 153 pages. If I can add about 20 pages each month, it will only attract more people to the site.

clickbank aug 4 09

The above picture is from Clickbank which on August 4th made four sales of the affiliate product on the site. There are a few days like yesterday that just makes the tattoo site really kill it with making money, while I do absolutely nothing. The last actual job I had back in 2007 I would make $134 a day, working 8 hours. So to make 101.45 from having a simple tattoo site just makes life even better.

adsense 8 04 09

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One Response to “Tattoo Site Makes 101 dollars In One Day!”

  1. Nina Amir Says:

    Looks like you’re making more money off info products than ads. Hmmm. That’s where I’m headed, although I only just placed some ads on two of my blogs…just to see what would happen. I don’t think I have enough traffic yet. You must have built up traffic from what I read. You seem to have mastered the SEO game, as you write. I could learn from you!

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